Summer and Winter Schools

Members of the IRTG FaN are encouraged to participate in research schools worldwide. Some schools are supported by the SFB 1432 and/or are organized by members of the our CRC. 

Information about some recommemded winter and summer schools can be found here.

Current Schools

Floquet Summer School, Sept. 13-14 and 20-22, online

Floquet Summer School
September 13-14 and 20-22, 2022
online via Zoom

The Floquet Summer School will bring together leading researchers in the field of Floquet quantum systems to provide introductory lectures aimed at graduate students working in the field or interested in learning about it. 

List of lectures:

  • Basics of Floquet engineering of quantum materials by Takashi Oka
  • Topology and non-equilibrium dynamics of Floquet systems by Mark Rudner
  • Introduction to time-resolved simulations in quantum nanoelectronics by Xavier Waintal and Thomas Kloss
  • Quasi-periodically driven systems by Anushya Chandran
  • Realizing synthetic gauge fields with ultracold atoms using Floquet engineering by Monika Aidelsburger
  • Floquet Topological Photonics by Mikael Rechtsma

Online Registration: Floquet Summer School - Virtual Science Forum

Quantum Dynamics: From Electrons to Qbits, Aug22-Sep9, Trieste (IT)

Quantum Dynamics: From Electrons to Qbits
22 August - 9 September 2022
ICTP Meeting, Trieste, Italy

This School aims to teach a modern course in condensed matter and statistical physics, combining basic concepts with recent structural and interdisciplinary developments, with a special focus on quantum dynamics and out of equilibrium phenomena. The leitmotif of the school will be to bridge traditional methods and approaches developed in the context of strongly correlated electrons, to interdisciplinary concepts and ideas coming from quantum information theory as well as solid state and atomic physics experiments, where individual components are often thought of as qbits.

The event is aimed at graduate students and junior researchers, and features a combination of theory and computational courses, as well as seminars on experimental progress in the field.
• Statistical Mechanics: from foundations to active matter and quantum information
• Analytical technique and (quantum) field theory
• Numerical methods: high-level programming and advanced numerical methods
• Coherent dynamics: entanglement, decoherence, phase transitions, driven systems, and chaos in many body physics
• Topological quantum matter: phases, excitations, and diagnostics
• Physical platforms: cold atoms, trapped ions, nanostructured materials, superconducting circuitsDeadline:

Deadline: 30 April 2022

Online application:

ESONN'2022, Aug28-Sep9, Grenoble (FR)

European School On Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies ESONN'2022
from August 28 to September 9, 2022, in Grenoble (FR)

This 2022 edition of the school is comprised of academic lectures, seminars and also practical work in Grenoble, all delivered by leading experts covering different aspects on elaboration, characterization and functionalities of nano-objects.
- from 28 August to 2 September, 2022: Lectures delivered by international leading experts, pedagogical and social activities in Grenoble, with possibility to register for an online access to the lectures programme,
- from 3 September to 9 September, 2022: Seminars and practical work in  Grenoble, France.

The program is designed in two parallel sessions to highlight the fundamental and technological advances in two fields of research:

Session A: in Nanoelectronics
Session B: at the interface between Physics and Biology

Both sessions will run in parallel and will share common lectures, then, for the on-site SESSION format participants, seminars and practical work in Grenoble, as interdisciplinary studies is a clear objective of the school. Practical works will take place at the Inter-university Centre for MicroElectronics (CIME) and in different laboratories of the scientific areas of Grenoble (CEA, CNRS, IAB, IBS, ESRF...).

Registration FEES
UE participants: 1300€ (or 900€ without accommodation in Grenoble)
Non-UE participants: 1700€ (or 1400€ without accommodation in Grenoble)
On-line week programme: 200€

Application campaign open until May 22, 2022

Nanotechnology meets Quantum Information, Aug30-Sep2, San Sebastian (SP)

Nanotechnology meets Quantum Information
30 August - 2 September 2022
Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Advances in nanofabrication and the understanding and control of the quantum properties of matter are laying the groundwork for revolutionary new technologies and information processing capabilities. The summer school NanoQI'17 provides an introduction to the basics and recent advances in major areas of quantum information theory and solid-state-based quantum technologies. Both the physics of different implementations of quantum information technologies and the applicable theoretical methods are covered. 

The school is aimed at PhD students and young postdocs interested in quantum information processing and quantum technologies and offers lectures by leading researchers in the field (both from experiment and theory) that offer an overview of the main concepts and methods and explain promising current research directions. In addition it offers a forum for all participants to present and discuss their own research with their colleagues and senior researchers.

Deadline: 6 May 2022
Online application:

Frontiers of Condensed Matter, Oct10-21, Les Houches (FR)

International doctoral training session "Frontiers of Condensed Matter", Les Houches (France)
October 10-21, 2022

The 8th International Doctoral Training Session "Frontiers of Condensed Matter" will take place in Les Houches, Oct 10-21, 2022. This session is organized jointly by the Physics Graduate School of Grenoble (France), the Casimir Research School of Delft-Leiden (Netherlands), the Donostia International Physics Center in San Sebastian (Spain), the Graduate School of Quantum Matter at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute in Basel (Switzerland). It aims at offering final year Master students and junior PhD-students (1st/2nd year) a high-level training program in the general area of condensed matter physics.

The session will consist of lecture series on the following topics:

•       Quantum transport – Carlo Beenakker (Leiden, NL)
•       Superconductivity – Joerg Schmalian (Karlsruhe, DE)
•       Topological phases – Adolfo Grushin (Grenoble, FR)
•       Quantum information – Roman Orus (San Sebastian, ES)
•       Circuit QED – Benjamin Huard (Lyon, FR)
•       2D materials – Dmitri Efetov (Munich, DE),

complemented by more specialized pedagogical seminars on timely topics, poster sessions, and discussion forums.

More detailed information can be found in the attached flyer. For up to date information and the application form, please visit the webpage.
The cost of the session including meals and accommodation is 846 €. Students of the participating organizations may contact one of the local organizers to inquire about financial support.

Deadline for applications: June 15, 2022


Sebastien Bergeret - DIPC, CFM/CSIC (Spain)
Julia Meyer - Université Grenoble Alpes (France)
Jörg Schmalian - KIT (Germany)
Christian Schönenberger – University of Basel (Switzerland)
Gary Steele – TU Delft (Netherlands)