C07 – Stress correlations in complex fluids

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leaders: Matthias Fuchs and Andreas Zumbusch

Scientific staff: Martin von Bischopinck, Niklas Grimm, Stefan Gerlach, Martin Winterhalder

Recent work in generalized fluctuating hydrodynamics predicts the persistence of stress and strain correlations in viscoelastic liquids over long distances. To date these correlations have not yet been investigated although important consequences on the formation of thin polymeric films are expected. We will develop an experimental method for monitoring stress and strain on a microscopic scale in viscoelastic polymer liquid films with high spatial and temporal resolution. This will allow cross-correlation of these fluctuations over mesoscopic distances in order to derive the far-field patterns also under flow. The analysis will be based on theoretical studies of the coupling of stress fields in polymer liquids to fluctuating interfaces incorporating macromolecular length and time scales.

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