SFB 1432 Retreat, October 11-12, 2021

The posters will be presented in the poster sessions after the respective talks.

  poster title authors (presenters in bold)
  Project group A: Field and Charge Poster session - Monday 8.00 - 8:30 pm
A01 Coulomb correlations and non-Poissonian statistics in attosecond picotransport Matthias Falk, Marwin Gedamke, S. Großenbach, Frieder Conradt, V. Wiechert, R. Tenne, M. Ludwig
A02 Charge fluctuations in superconducting single electron transistors Oliver Irtenkauf, L. Sobral Rey, D. Ohnmacht, W. Belzig, E. Scheer
A03 Quantum transport in the presence of engineered quantum fields Dennis Wuhrer, Matthias Hübler, N. Rohling, D. Nikolic, F. Hellbach, W. Belzig
A04 Fluctuations in few-electron pulses between the quantum limit and space-charge regime Eruthuparna Ramachandran, M.l Volkov, M. Mattes, Yenan Meng, P.Baum
A05 Quantum susceptibilities in time-domain sampling of electric field fluctuations Matthias Kizmann, A. S. Moskalenko, A. Leitenstorfer, G. Burkard, S. Mukamel
A05 Electrooptic sampling as a realization of an Unruh-DeWitt detector S. Onoe, Thiago L. M. Guedes, A. S. Moskalenko, A. Leitenstorfer, G. Burkard, and T. C. Ralph
A06 Time-domain quantum statistics of nonclassical mid-infrared electric fields S. Hutter, Hannes Kempf, Philipp Sterk, F. Breuning, T. König
  Project group B: Spin Poster session  - Tuesday  2:00 - 3:00 pm
B01 Spin shot noise and hybrid noise measurements Luise Siegl, Xianyue (Mike) Ai, N. Kirchmaier, M. Lammel, S. T. B. Goennenwein
B02 Role of fluctuations in magnetic transport Markus Weißenhofer, Severin Selzer, U. Nowak
B03 Spectroscopic probes of critical spin fluctuations in 2D magnets Pia M. Düring, Paul Rosenberger, Seema, M.Müller
B04 Excited states and dynamics of current-driven molecular spin systems Tobias Birk, Lars Vogelsang, A. Bauer, F. Paschke, V. Enenkel, F. Liu, V. Romankov, J. Dreiser, A. A. Popov, R. Winter and M. Fonin
B05 Space-time imaging of spontaneous reaction and spin dynamics by ultrafast double-probe electron microscopy David Nabben, Joel Kuttruff, D. Kazenwadel, E  Ramachandran, Y  Meng,  A. Ryabov, P. Baum
B06 High-frequency spin noise dynamics in magnetically ordered systems Marwin Weiss, Tobias Dannegger, A. Herbst, M. Evers, J. Schlegel, S. T. B. Goennenwein, A. Leitenstorfer, U. Nowak, and T. Kurihara
B07(1) Femtosecond quantum magnonics in a nonlinear regime far from equilibrium Christoph Schönfeld, Lennart Feuerer, A.-C. Heinrich, A. Leitenstorfer, and D. Bossini
  Project group C: Mass Poster session - Tuesday  7:00 - 8:30 pm
C01 Fluctuation-induced nonlinear dynamics of nanomechanical systems J. S. Ochs, G. Rastelli, M. D. Dykman, Eva M. Weig
C02 Strongly driven nanomechanical systems: classical and quantum Daniel Boneß, G. Rastelli, W. Belzig
C03 Strongly nonlinear multi-dimensional resonators Fan Yang, M. Fu, and E. Scheer
C04 How to reconstruct non-linear functions in potentials of systems in non-equilibrium state​ Jan Bartsch, Simon Buchwald, G. Ciaramella, and S. Volkwein
C05 Barrier crossing in viscoelastic fluid Félix Ginot, J. Caspers, M. Krüger, and C. Bechinger
C05 Micro-rheology of driven particles in a nonlinear bath: Experiments, theory, and stochastic Prandtl-Tomlinson model Rohit Jain, F. Ginot, C.Bechinger, and M.Krüger
C06 Effective temperature in a nonequilibrium bath and time-dependent microrheology Nikolas Ditz, E. Kohler, and M. Fuchs
C07 Stress correlations in complex fluids Niklas Grimm, Martin Bischopinck, J. Geiger, S. Ganguly, A. Zippelius, A. Zumbusch,  and M. Fuchs
C08(2) Charting the solution landscapes in nonlinear driven-dissipative networks Javier del Pino, Jan Košata, O. Zilberberg

(1)  submitted
(2)  planned