FaN PostDoc Club

Sharing information and experiences among PostDocs

IRTG FaN PostDoc Club

The IRTG FaN PostDocs Club brings together PostDocs of all career stages for informal exchange. Every evening is dedicated to a topic related to the academic career. After a keynote by an established expert, participants share their questions and experiences with the speaker and their peers. The evening ends with a dinner and talks in small groups - not least an ideal opportunity for  international PostDocs to network and to learn about (university) life in Konstanz. All PostDocs of the Physics Department and of all groups working related to the SFB 1432 are welcome.

IRTG FaNtrain PostDoc

Crash courses specifically tailored for PostDocs teach key qualifications such as negotiation, proposal writing, time and conflict management, leadership, ... Please find dates and topics at the end of this page.

Upcoming events

PostDoc Club

The PostDoc-Club takes place always at 18:00 in room P1138. Please register by email to Davide Bossini.

October 05, 2022 at 18:30 – Funding: programs, applications, insights
Speaker: Dr. Melanie Behrens, Research Support, University of Konstanz

November 16, 2022 – As an international PostDoc in Germany, as a German PostDoc abroad: Q&A
Speaker: Joahnnes Dingler, Director International Office, University of Konstanz

December 07, 2022 at 18:30– Taking off in the corporate world after several PostDocs
Speaker: Angelo Ziletti, Bayer AG

January 11, 2023 – The academic curriculum vitae - important steps to become a realistic candidate for a professorship
Speaker: Mirjam Müller, Academic Staff Development, University of Konstanz

Past events

September 14, 2022: cancelled

July 20, 2022: cancelled

June 8, 2022 – The impact of networking in academia
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Angelo Di Bernardo, Professor for Experimental Physics and Sofja Kovalevskja Research Group Leader

May 4, 2022 – The academic hiring process - from the hiring committee point of view
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Guido Burkard, Professor for Theoretical Physics, University of Konstanz

April 6, 2022 – The academic hiring process - from an applicant's point of view
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Oded Zilberberg, Heisenberg Professor, University of Konstanz

March 8, 2022 – Let's make a plan for the future PostDoc Club meetings
Speaker: Davide Bossini, Regina Finsterhölzl

February 3, 2022 – The prelude: Let's come together and network
Speaker: Davide Bossini, Regina Finsterhölzl

FaNtrain PostDoc

November 28, 2022 - Crash-Course - Negotiating in the academic world 
Trainer: Dr. Nele Enke, sciencia coaching, Berlin