New Publication

Unveiling oxide electronics: Researchers of project B03 demonstrate in collaboration with reserachers from different institutes, tunable carrier types in STO-based heterostructures, enabling the switch between n- and p-type conductivity. The oxidation state of an Fe-based layer determines emerging electron or hole bands, expanding possibilities for all-oxide transistors and logic gates. Explore the future of semiconductor technologies and read the paper.

News article

Congratulations! A new publication related to project B06 is published in Nature Communications. Read the interesting paper and the corresponding news article of the UKN. 

Three in a row!

Congratulations to the outstanding international collaboration that has resulted in three remarkable publications in Nature Communications published over the past two days. These achievements, resulting from the combined efforts of international collaborations together with projects A02 and A03 and the invaluable contributions of our Mercator Fellow Juan Carlos Cuevas, represent an extraordinary accomplishment. Congratulations to all involved!

News article

Congratulations! A new article in Nature Physics, related to project C05, is published. It has been documented, for the first time, the existence of the Magnus effect at the microscopic scale. Congratulations on a great collaboration and work of the project C05 and a successful publication! Please find also the press release here.

Everything fluctuates

The online magazine of the University of Konstanz,, has published an article on our SFB 1432 - ideas, concepts, collaborative research work, promotion of young talents, and the scientific goals for the years to come. Read  the article and the interviews with our speakers.


At the end of a long research work is the publication of their results. The publications of the SFB 1432 can be found here.