RISE Germany Program

by German Academic Exchenge Service (DAAD)


RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering and is offered by the DAAD (German Academic Excange Service)

PhD students of the IRTG are encouraged to become a supervisor of a bachelor student from a North American, British or Irish universities. Students are matched according to their area of interest and closely related to the research field of the PhD. For three months the matched teams will work together on the PhD's research project. The program fosters scientific discussions, intercultural experience, and networking with North American, British and Irish universities. PhD students of the SFB 1432 will - of course - get a FaN coin for their effort. But, much more they will personally benefit from the development of their leadership skills, international experience, linguistic empowerment, and personal encounter.

Costs, that will not be covererd by the RISE program, will be taken over by the CRC.

RISE Germany 2023

Apply with your project
To take part in this program, apply with a project idea for your student until October 15, 2022.
The internship starts at the earliest on May 15, 2023 and lasts three months.