B03 – Microscopic probes of critical spin fluctuations in 2D magnets

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leader: Martina Müller

Scientific staff: Dr. Seema Seema, Pia Maria Düring, Andreas Fuhrberg, Oliver Rehm

Former members: Paul Rosenberger

The goal of this project is to explore the intrinsic role of spin fluctuations in novel 2D oxide materials, which are now emerging as exciting alternatives to the 'classical' 2D van der Waals systems. Advanced crystal engineering is employed to generate 2D magnetism in layered and freestanding magnetic oxide systems. Using complementary magnetic microscopy probes, the goal is to pinpoint their spatial and temporal characteristics, to imaging the critical spin fluctuations at magnetic phase transitions and to assess their emergence as a decisive criterion for 2D-type magnetic ordering. Efforts will be focused on unravelling the microscopic mechanisms underlying the stochastic spin phenomena in 2D magnetic solids.

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