C05 - Driven particles in strongly coupled non-Markovian baths

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leaders: Clemens Bechinger and Matthias Krüger (GAUG)

Scientific staff: Juliane Caspers (GAUG), Dr. Lokesh Chinnakanna, Dr. Debankur Das (GAUG), Dr. Felix Ginot, Dr. Michael Jade Jerez, Dr. Niloyendu Roy, Karthika Kishna Kumar, Samuel Monter, Luis Reinalter

Former members: Dr. Rohit Jain (GAUG)

GAUG = Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

With experiments and theory, we study the behavior of colloidal particles driven through non-Markovian baths. Contrary to Newtonian fluids, which remain in thermal equilibrium under such conditions, this does not apply to e.g. viscoelastic fluids, which are characterized by rather long relaxation times. The strong coupling of colloids to such nonequilibrium baths is expected to lead to novel and unexpected phenomena and nontrivial fluctuations. The main goal of this project is to gain a detailed microscopic understanding of the properties of driven colloidal particles in such environments.

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