B06 – High-frequency spin noise dynamics in magnetically ordered systems

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leaders: Sebastian T. Gönnenwein and Ulrich Nowak

Scientific staff: Tobias Dannegger, Harshita Devda, Marvin Weiss

This project aims at studying the high-frequency spin fluctuations in magnetically ordered materials and heterostructures using a combination of experimental and theoretical methods. We want to use pure optical spin-noise spectroscopy to investigate the relationship between spin and magnon noise at GHz frequencies, and we also want to develop ultrafast spin-noise spectroscopy experiments to investigate the dynamics of spin fluctuations on picosecond time scales. With the accompanying atomistic spin simulations, we will simulate the spin or magnon noise and thus both contribute to the interpretation of the experiments and make predictions for more complex systems such as magnetic heterostructures.

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