A01 – Coulomb correlations and non-Poissonian statistics in attosecond picotransport

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leader: Alfred Leitenstorfer

Scientific staff: Frieder Conradt, Marwin Gedamke, Sebastian Grossenbach, Ron Tenne

Former members: Matthias Falk, Philipp Sterk, Philipp Henzler

This project studies the statistics of electron transport under atomic-scale spatio-temporal confinement, i.e. at picometer length and attosecond time scales. In this regime, fundamental processes and phenomena such as strong Coulomb correlations between elementary charges and vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field are expected to play a significant role. The experiments are enabled by a combination of phase-stable single cycles of light in the near infrared and plasmonic picostructures with electrical readout. Cooling of the samples below 2 K is intended to avoid structural instabilities and to enable shot-to-shot measurements of charge fluctuations with microwave single-electron transistor technology.

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