A03 - Quantum transport in the presence of engineered quantum fields

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leader: Wolfgang Belzig

Scientific staff: Matthias Hübler, Niklas Rohling, Masha Seyed Heydari

Former members: Felicitas Hellbach, Danilo Nikolic, Dennis Wuhrer

We theoretically investigate the interaction of engineered quantum fields with electronic and spintronic quantum transport. First, we address tunneling through sub-nanometer gaps initiated by ultrashort light pulses, causing a subcycle dynamics in the attosecond range due to the high nonlinearity. Second, we ask how the quantum information of a squeezed magnonic field is transformed into electronic current and how it can be detected via correlations. Both topics make heavy use of nonequilibrium field theoretical methods by using Keldysh path integrals.

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