A04 - Fluctuations in few-electron pulses between the quantum limit and space-charge regime

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leader: Peter Baum

Scientific staff: Dr. Yiqi Fang, Maximilian Mattes, Anaswara Ramachandran, Andrey Ryabov, Maxim Tsarev

Former members: Eruthuparna Ramachandran, Johannes Thurner

Electron beams and short electron pulses are central to a wide range of modern research and technology, but they suffer from space charge effects due to statistical electron-electron interactions. Here we combine laser-triggered few-electron emitters with a femtosecond single-electron detector at close to 100% quantum efficiency and aim for detecting the fundamental origin of beam fluctuations on level of the individual particles and their trajectories in space and time.

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