A02 - Charge fluctuations in superconducting single electron transistors

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leaders: Elke Scheer and Wolfgang Belzig

Scientific staff: Oliver Irtenkauf, Lukas Kammermeier, David Ohnmacht

Former members: Andreas Bloch, Danilo Nikolic, Laura Sobral Rey

In this project, we will study the interplay between quantum charge fluctuations and electromagnetic fields. The goal is to elucidate both theoretically and experimentally the role of charge fluctuations in the electronic transport through metallic and superconducting single-electron transistors far away from equilibrium. Experimentally, the nonequilibrium will be induced by microwave irradiation and probed by DC transport measurements at very low temperatures. The theoretical study is performed using a Keldysh real-time Green’s function approach.

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