C02 – Strongly driven nanomechanical systems: classical and quantum

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leaders: Wolfgang Belzig and Guido Burkard

Scientific staff: Lorenzo Bernazzani, Daniel Boneß

Former members: Amin Hosseinkhani, Dominik Maile

We will study the dynamics of mechanical oscillators coupled to each other and to microscopic quantum spins. We will investigate the question how classical dynamics and fluctuations can mimic a quantum system or influence the dissipative nonlinear dynamics in order to establish nanomechanical systems as simulators of quantum effects. In the quantum-classical crossover regime, we will investigate quantum concepts in the presence of classical noise and/or driving. We plan to establish hybrid mechanical systems in the fully quantum regime as simulators of coupled spins or resonators. Research will be done in close interaction with experimentalists in the CRC.

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