B04 – Excited states and dynamics of current-driven molecular spin systems

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leaders: Mikhail Fonin and Rainer Winter

Scientific staff: Tobias Birk, Michael Linseis, Lars Vogelsang

Former members: Anja Bauer, Ilona Wimmer

The project will focus on nonequilibrium states and dynamical behavior of newly designed molecular nanomagnets, spin chains and magnetic graphene nanoribbons in defined configurations at surfaces. These will be driven out of equilibrium by a tunneling current. Excitations arising from current injection as well as from temperature and magnetic fluctuations and the coupling of the excited states to magnetic interactions and excited vibronic states will be investigated at the level of single molecules. Spin excitation spectroscopy will be employed to monitor the excited states and to follow the magnetization dynamics of these coupled spin systems.

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