Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Cuevas

Mercator Fellow 2022-2024

The SFB 1432 will host Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Cuevas, Associate Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (E), as Mercator Fellow three times for 4 months in Konstanz in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Prof. Cuevas made fundamental contributions to the theory of molecular electronics, superconducting nanocontacts, nanoplasmonics, and radiative heat transfer. This makes him one of the leading theoreticians in several fields connected to the SFB 1432. Prof. Cuevas contributes his expertise in superconductivity and Coulomb correlations in tunneling to the CRC projects A02 (Prof. Dr. W. Belzig, Prof. Dr. E. Scheer) and A03 (Prof. Dr. W. Belzig). This collaboration continues his long-standing scientific cooperation with Prof. Belzig and Prof. Scheer. A new cooperation between experiment and theory arises from the ultrafast tunneling project A01 (Prof. Dr. Alfred Leitenstorfer). On the general theory level fruitfull discussions on fundamental questions of quantum transport connect Prof. Cuevas with Prof. Dr. Guido Burkard (A05). Furthermore, the experimental project B04 (Prof. Dr. M. Fonin, Prof. Dr. R. Winter) dealing with single molecule spin transport highly appreciates his expertise in molecular electronics.

In 2011 Prof. Cuevas was awarded an “InnoLecture” guest professorship by the Carl-Zeiss-Foundation, which he spent at the University of Konstanz. Afterwards, he worked as a fellow of the research group on molecular elecronics at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 2016 and 2017 he spent 6 months each at UKON as Mercator Fellow of the SFB 767. He is also the author of the first textbook on molecular electronics (Molecular Electronics: An Introduction to Theory and Experiment) together with Prof. Dr. Elke Scheer, (co-)project leader of projects A02 and C03 of the SFB 1432.