C03 – Strongly nonlinear multi-dimensional resonators

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leader: Elke Scheer

Scientific staff:  Valentin Barth, Jannik Dornseiff, Mengqi Fu, Fan Yang (consultant) and Angelo Di Bernardo (consultant)

In this project, we will investigate strongly driven nanomembrane resonators operated in the extreme nonlinear regime, hallmarked by unconventional dynamic response, including localized overtones and a plateau formation of the resonance curves. We will attempt to reveal the microscopic mechanism of the nonlinear coupling. We will study how the response can be tailored by nanopatterning and how it depends on the quality factor and material properties of the resonators. We will furthermore explore fluctuation-driven resonance phenomena like side-band formation or the onset of chaotic behavior.

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