C08 – Stationary phases and dynamic activation in parametrically-driven stochastic resonators

Funding period: 09/2022 – 2024

Project leaders: Oded Zilberberg

Scientific staff: Greta Villa

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Thermally activated transition rates between metastable states in complex energy landscapes are the basis for many phenomena in physics, chemistry and biology. In this theoretical project, we study such noise activation dynamics in nonlinear resonator systems subject to parametric drives, i.e., in a deep out-of-equilibrium setting. The interplay between the time-dependent drives and system nonlinearities leads to different oscillation responses that manifest in a rotating picture as metastable states in quasienergy potential landscapes. This project brings in a unique scientific frontier to the CRC, involving fundamental research of fluctuations in out-of-equilibrium nonlinear parametron networks, while harboring a potential application for harnessing these systems as analog annealers for solving optimization problems.

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