C01 – Fluctuation-induced nonlinear dynamics of nanomechanical systems

Funding period: 2021 – 2024

Project leader: Eva Weig (TUM)

Scientific staff: Ahmed Barakat, Maria Kallergi, Gianluca Rastelli (collaborator)

Former members: Yannick Klaß, Anh Tuan Le, Jana Ochs

High Q nanomechanical string resonators are employed as a well-controlled platform to explore the fluctuation-induced nonlinear dynamics in driven systems. In particular, we will focus on the effects of a strong resonant drive. In the nonlinear response regime, this leads to the squeezing of thermomechanical fluctuations. For even stronger driving, the observed resonantly induced negative friction and the resulting dynamical instability will also be addressed. Finally, we will include systems under non-harmonic driving and engineered fluctuations. The project will thus enable fundamental insights into the classical nonlinear dynamics of driven systems.

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